Warner & Company Sdn Bhd (WCB) is one of the most recent companies to begin operations and provides services to the Oil and Gas industry here in Brunei Darussalam. What began as a concept by senior management at the end of the 20th century has now become a fully fledged operating company with its comprehensive core technical staff able to provide fully fledged specialized services to the oil industry.

Our core competency is in the provision of production measurement solutions and instruments specializing in the full range of fluids flowing from the wells through the surface facilities and through the treatment plants to the point of sale.

We hope to be Brunei Darussalam’s first and premier production measurement specialists able to measure the various parameters required to be measured for optimized production for the benefit of the Client.

In this regard, our company has aggregated and represents the leading international companies specializing in these respective fields to provide operations and easy access to these technologies for their benefits.

In this age of minimizing OPEX and maximizing value, Warner & Company Sdn Bhd will be able to supply not only products but complete solutions with a single point of responsibility for the design, supply, install and commission of our products to achieve optimization.

We aspire to be one of the most successful and professional services providers in the year ahead. I invite you to work with us and see for yourself the benefits which our company can provide to your operations.

Managing Director