Warner and Company Sdn Bhd (WCB) is a relatively new company in the Oil and Gas industry, having started in late 1999. The main forte is in the supply of leading edge production measurement instruments and oil tools. Over the last few years, the core competency has significantly increased resulting in the ability to provide the following services:

1) Identify solutions for application requirements.
2) Supply of required products and the commissioning of these products.
3) Training and Consulting.
4) Maintenance and first line support.

With the increasingly heavier commitment, accountability and expectation of the oil industry, WCB has aggregated the leading edge oil and gas service providers to be able to provide a ‘one-stop' solution centre for production measurement.

WCB is able to offer a range of products to measure reservoir and fluid parameters from down-hole until the point of sale.

1) Permanent Down Hole Gauges
  - pressure, temperature at the reservoir level
2) Fibreoptic sensors
  - temperature profiling of wells
3) Ultrasonic Flow Measurement
  - mass gross flow of well fluids – 2 phases
4) Water Cut Meter
  - measurement of water cut readings to provide net oil content of gross fluids – 2 phases
5) Multiphase Flow Meters
  - measurement of well fluids with no conditions – 3 phases
6) Fiscal Custody Transfer Meter – Liquids
  - measurement of heavy crudes Liquids – 1 phase
  - measurement of light crudes & refined products.
7) Fiscal Custody Transfer Meter – Gas
  - measurement of gas at the point of sale – 1 phase



Metering of Fluids


Steam metering – Saturated or Superheated Steam

  Water Metering – Metering of protable and industrial water.

In addition to supplying oil field tools and instrumentation Warner's Co, it's also active in the areas of :

1) Project Management

2) Leakage detection and localization

3) Radioactive Source Handling

4) Construction and installation

5) Machine Capability